Pruning is when you remove or cut back certain parts of a plant or tree such as roots or branches. Why this is important to consider for care and management is that it incorporates controlling or directing growth, improving health for the plant, and dead wood removal. These are just the few reasons why cutting back your limbs is important and there are many kinds of methods of cutting branches too. This is essential for removing damaged, dead, or non-productive plants. Here are the different kinds of pruning that Arbor Barber will provide for your need.

Correct Improper Pruning

Correct Improper Pruning is to cut limbs back that have been broken off or pruned in an improper place. This allows the limb to heal over itself naturally. An improperly cut limb usually invites rot and insects, eventually killing the tree over time. This is for correcting any mistakes; this will help improve life expectancy and protection.

Canopy Reduction

Canopy Reduction is selectively removing limbs to reduce the fullness of your trees and allow wind to pass through the tree instead of below them over during a storm or windy times. This is great for stormy seasons so limbs will not be able to damage or hinder your property or the safety of others.