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In Kurt’s eyes, we are all human, all children of God, and should not be divided by race, oceans, or any other means.

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Man On A Mission
Man On A Mission
Kim and Kurt Freudenreich own and operate Arbor Barber Trees. The company takes pride in the tree services they provide to the community but there is more to them than just trees. Come to find out, this company is involved with various community outreach programs throughout the year. Recently I met with them to learn about Kurt’s dream of providing water to remote locations around the world and was surprised by what he told me.

In Kurt’s eyes, we are all human, all children of God, and should not be divided by race, oceans, or any other means.

Walking for Wells was born of a charitable heart when a little over two years ago Kim and Kurt began sponsoring a little girl (Bithi Karmaker) who lives in Bangladesh. Recently, they learned that Bithi’s family did not have access to a water well and decided that they would help change that. In villages like Bithi’s, the women and children spend their days fetching water instead of going to school or doing other types of work that could be productive financially or otherwise for the family. Having a consistent supply of water will change things for them socially and economically.

Helping people around the world in need of water is what Walking for Wells is all about. Kurt plans to walk the Appellation Trail with his youngest Son Dustin in 2020 to raise money for the mission. They hope to raise enough money to install 10 wells which will be roughly $80,000. In the meantime, they have been training and planning for the trip.

It’s interesting that people’s paths cross at just the right time. Call it a God Thing, Fate, Happen Chance. Call it what you want. We meet the people we need to meet along life’s way.

Shortly after committing to the 2020 well mission, Kim and Kurt joined the Mid Bay Bridge Rotary Club. They were looking into ways to raise the capital to install Bithi’s well when Reverend Obi (a guest) showed up at one of the meetings. To their surprise, Obi had thirty years’ experience install- ing wells in Africa! Their chance meeting led to an introduction to Tyler Fuller, the pastor in charge of Missions work at Crosspoint Church in Niceville. Crosspoint has provided some of the funding for Reverend Obi’s missions in the past and has agreed to get involved once again. During a lengthy discussion with Obi, Tyler, and two other fellow Rotarians, Kurt volunteered to go to Africa in October to assist Reverend Obi. And so, his mission work begins as a precursor to Kurt’s walking the Appellation Trail in 2020.

Originally published by, Chapman Rider August 2018 edition of Plantation Living

Man On A Mission
Man On A Mission
Man On A Mission
Man On A Mission
Man On A Mission

Which Glass?

Would you want your family or friends to drink  dirty water? Of course not. Help get clean drinking water to people that need it so desperately. In Bangladesh, 32 million people have restricted access to safe water while 75 million do not have improved sanitation facilities.
Man On A Mission

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